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Choosing the perfect party favors is often as challenging as finding a “needle in a haystack.” Party favors should be exciting and unusual. You want people...
If the standard grocery store popcorn offerings leave your taste buds begging for a little more pizzazz, Uptown Popcorn provides a tantalizing new take...

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Uptown Popcorn offers complete services for prospective popcorn entrepreneurs.  Our consulting services include a complete array of information tailored to each individual client.  From equipment purchasing, equipment operations, retail operations, recipes etc. We understand the fortitude it requires to start your own business, and be your own boss!  That's precisely why we emphasize you not only being able to gain the knowledge and skills training but also feel completely comfortable applying them to your own individual business.  We would relish the opportunity to assist you down your entrepreneurial path.  It is completely understandable you may have additional questions, and we would be happy to answer any of them you may have.  If you feel as though we might be a good fit for your needs, please fill out the form below:


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