Gourmet Confetti Popcorn

Gourmet Confetti Popcorn
Decisions: so many people hate them. It’s so hard to choose between two or more choices that all look great. How in the world do you choose which one is best? With Uptown Popcorn's many different kinds of candied popcorn, even the most decisive person may have a difficult time deciding which flavor to choose. Who says you have to choose at all? Uptown Popcorn's Confetti popcorn blend will satisfy all of your fruity and sweet cravings. This mix of our gourmet popcorn includes all of our candy flavors except Red Hot Cinnamon. Grab a handful and you'll get a taste of Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Blue Coconut, Cheesecake, Grape, Green Apple, Orange, Pink Cotton Candy, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Watermelon. Wow. Imagine the burst of fruity sensation in your mouth when you take a bite of that delicious candy blend. And the colors are amazing! This is the perfect popcorn for anywhere that kids are involved. With all of its bright colors, it looks like a rainbow in a bowl. It's a fun and exciting treat that is sure to be loved. There is something for everyone with this confetti blend.

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Gourmet Confetti Popcorn
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