Gourmet Hannah's Caramel & Cheddar MIX Popcorn

Gourmet Hannah's Caramel & Cheddar MIX Popcorn
With Hannah's Cheddar & Caramel mix of our famous gourmet popcorn, every handful of delicious popcorn becomes an adventure. While we were not the inventors of the mixing of cheese and caramel popcorn - we think that the combination of our Hannah's Caramel and Cheddar Cheese popcorn is a superior take on this classic flavor combination. We are certain your taste buds will agree. After all, there's no reason that you should have to choose between sweet and savory when it comes to handfuls of delicious popcorn. And what can be better than grabbing a handful of popcorn and tasting the sweet, rich, buttery flavor of Hannah's Caramel and the deep, robust, savory flavor of cheddar cheese? We think you'll agree, this savory sweet gourmet flavored popcorn will be a welcome addition to any party, making the choice between sweet and savory no choice at all. So go ahead and grab some, your taste buds will love you.

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Gourmet Hannah's Caramel & Cheddar MIX Popcorn
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