Gourmet Jackson's Dallas Popcorn

Gourmet Jackson's Dallas Popcorn
Ever get bored of handful after handful of just one flavor of popcorn? Well, what happens when you combine the flavors of sweet, sharp, and salty all together into one incredibly tasty, crunchy, delicious treat? You get a gourmet popcorn that’s to die for or at least get excited about. The one of a kind blend of Paul’s Dallas popcorn takes Paul’s Caramel popcorn, completely coated with our unique recipe of creamy, sweet caramel, and adds the sharp and bold flavors of our Cheddar Cheese popcorn along with the buttery and slightly salty flavor of its classic movie theater style popcorn. This is definitely not boring. Every handful is a perfect blend of salty and sweet as well as sharp and creamy, leaving your mouth watering for more. The sensitivity of every taste bud is awakened for a totally sensational taste experience. You’ll find yourself thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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Gourmet Jackson's Dallas Popcorn
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