Gourmet Jackson's Tuxedo Popcorn

Gourmet Jackson's Tuxedo Popcorn
Close your eyes and imagine biting into something so amazing that you think for sure you must be dreaming. It is crunchy on the outside, but also light and fluffy inside, covered in a smooth, creamy caramel coating and then drizzled with ribbons of white and milk chocolate. It is a little taste of heaven in every bite. Is your mouth watering with anticipation, wishing that it wasn’t just a dream? Well now your dreams can become a reality! With our Jackson's Tuxedo blend, we dress up our Jackson's Caramel popcorn with only the finest rich white and milk chocolates. This isn't just some stale popcorn from a tin with a little chocolate thrown on top. It is gourmet popcorn carefully treated evenly so you are never left disappointed because your piece missed the chocolate. This is the perfect snack for a formal event or for just about any time that your taste buds want to be completely satisfied. Next time you find yourself craving the sweet and salty blend of the best caramel and chocolates, head on over to try our Jackson's Tuxedo popcorn.

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Gourmet Jackson's Tuxedo Popcorn
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