Gourmet Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn

Gourmet Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn
There’s popcorn and then there’s cheddar cheese popcorn. The taste of cheddar cheese popcorn floods the mouth with flavor and brings back memories of going to the circus or watching a baseball game. But the taste of this gourmet popcorn is like none you’ve ever had before. Most bags of cheese popcorn have a mild, powdery taste that definitely does not fall into the category of gourmet popcorn. The cheese flavor from Uptown Popcorn, however, is sharper and bolder than most cheese popcorns with a real cheddar taste. The popcorn is not just sprinkled with a cheese-flavored powder either; each kernel is generously coated so that every bite is bursting with exquisite cheddar flavor. Great on its own as a crunchy treat, or paired with any of our other gourmet popcorn flavors, Cheddar Cheese is a classic that is sure to please your palate.

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Gourmet Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn
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