Gourmet Orange Popcorn

Gourmet Orange Popcorn
The sweet, yet tangy flavor of citrus has made it a favorite with parents and kids alike. Now, with orange flavored popcorn from Uptown Popcorn, you can all enjoy this longtime favorite together. We've carefully crafted an orange flavor so close to the real thing you'll be surprised that handful doesn't count as a serving of fruit. (Although, really, we think it should.) Then, with the a drive for perfection that would drive most people crazy, we gently spread the flavor over each individual piece of popcorn so that it practically drips with tart orange juice. No peeling, no squeezing, and no mess, but all the powerful flavor of your favorite fruit is packed into each container of this gourmet popcorn. Every piece you eat is better than the one before it. and by the time you empty out your tin, you'll be ready for more of this delicious, citrusy surprise. So pop in a movie and grab some popcorn. We've worked hard so that you can lean back, relax, and just enjoy the best popcorn you've ever eaten.

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Gourmet Orange Popcorn
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