Gourmet Parmesan & Garlic Popcorn

Gourmet Parmesan & Garlic Popcorn
The flavors of fine Italian dining, perfectly combined to create a sensation that satisfies and appeals, now entice appetites from all over the world. Savory dishes carefully crafted from delicious ingredients with secret family recipes always draw people from varied backgrounds back for more. Hearty and home-like, yet elegant and refined, the blended flavors of parmesan and garlic convey much more than the simple satisfaction of an Italian dinner. Memories—shared and kept, ancient and in-the-making, elaborate and simple—have to be a hidden ingredient in this timeless, satisfying flavor. Now you can give or enjoy the taste of memories sprinkled with parmesan and garlic in a single handful of our gourmet popcorn. Parmesan & Garlic popcorn delivers finely and carefully covered kernels so that the best of each flavor blends into the classic combination that has become a signature flavor all its own. One handful of this gourmet popcorn will be enough to make new memories, but more than one might be required to make sure you aren’t dreaming them up!

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Gourmet Parmesan & Garlic Popcorn
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