Gourmet Pink Cotton Candy Popcorn

Gourmet Pink Cotton Candy Popcorn
Remember walking through the fairgrounds with that stick of delicious hand-spun pink cotton candy, maybe hand in hand with that special someone who bought it for you? Remember the sticky mess? You couldn’t get at that scrumptious cloud of sweetness without getting it all over your face. Or if you took the more sophisticated approach of using your fingers, you were sure to come away with at least sticky, pink fingers. Now, you can get the splendidly sweet taste of cotton candy without the mess. Uptown’s candied popcorn line features a brilliantly pink, completely coated gourmet popcorn. Carefully folded into the candied mixture, each kernel comes out perfectly sweet yet perfectly crunchy. Whether you keep it to yourself or share it around, pink cotton candy popcorn is a flavorful snack to be enjoyed over and over again. The beautiful color makes a great party favor for your little princess’s birthday party or a tasty treat for your friend’s baby shower because everyone knows that everything is pretty in pink, even popcorn.

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Gourmet Pink Cotton Candy Popcorn
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