Gourmet Ranch Popcorn

Gourmet Ranch Popcorn
Ranch dressing is a classic condiment that many people love to have on just about anything. Whether it is put on salad, sandwiches, chips, veggies, or chicken, it is well known and loved. Now you can add a new favorite to the list of items with Uptown Popcorn Ranch Popcorn. This gourmet popcorn is smothered in just the right amount of classic ranch ingredients to create smooth and decadent ranch flavored kernels. This popcorn is obviously the perfect gift for your friends out there who are constantly pouring ranch on everything in site. This popcorn is much neater than the traditional snack of chips and dip for munching on while watching the game with your buddies. It still has the crunch of chips and the flavor of ranch, but without all the hassle. So next time you're having visitors over, just grab some of this ranch popcorn and you'll be good to go.

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Gourmet Ranch Popcorn
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