Gourmet Salt & Vinegar Popcorn

Gourmet Salt & Vinegar Popcorn
Having a picnic and looking for some compelling new treats to bring? Maybe you are tired of bringing the same old potato chips to work for lunch every day. With our Salt and Vinegar popcorn you will have a solution to both those problems and many more. Salt and vinegar go together perfectly in a blend of sour and salty taste. We don’t just throw a little seasoning on our popcorn and call it good. Instead we carefully treat each piece of gourmet popcorn with the exact right amount of tangy vinegar flavor and salty goodness to give you the same volume of flavor as your favorite potato chips. Plus it still has that lasting crunch, while also having a light fluffy feel. Try this with our dill pickle popcorn at your next party. After you eat some of this salt and vinegar popcorn, you will never be able to have a boring lunch again.

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Gourmet Salt & Vinegar Popcorn
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