Gourmet Vanilla Popcorn

Gourmet Vanilla Popcorn
Take a minute to close your eyes and imagine you are a little child again eating a vanilla ice-cream cone. Remember that rich, velvety taste of vanilla delight in your mouth? Vanilla is a flavor that has been a much loved classic throughout the ages. No matter what the age - child or adult - there is just something comforting about the taste and smell of vanilla. To many, it brings vivid memories of Grandma’s kitchen or the smells of the holiday season. Try Uptown Popcorn’s delicious candied Vanilla popcorn for a delightful, nostalgic treat. When you take a bite it will take you back to all those memories with its delicate, yet sinfully delectable flavor. It is light and fluffy gourmet popcorn, covered in a special blend of vanilla glaze that will create a pleasant crunch in each bite. This vanilla popcorn is just right for a snack while drinking a piping hot cup of your favorite beverage on a cold day or the perfectly refreshing snack while lying on the beach catching some rays. Whatever the occasion, this vanilla gourmet popcorn will be a great sensation wherever it is.

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Gourmet Vanilla Popcorn
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