Gourmet White Chocolate Pretzel Popcorn

Gourmet White Chocolate Pretzel Popcorn
"What says, “mouthwatering ” like smooth, rich, creamy white chocolate combined with the salty crunch of perfect pretzels and gourmet popcorn? White chocolate and pretzels have become such a classic pairing of tastes that every occasion is immediately enhanced by them. That’s one of the many reasons why our gourmet popcorn combined with this now classic-couple has become our most popular flavor within our extensive and elaborate chocolate offerings. Who can resist the carefully coated kernels and pretzels, the perfect combination of salty and sweet and creamy and crunchy? Unlike the infamous chaos and disruption that normally results from the introduction of a third party to a perfectly matched couple, the added taste sensation of gourmet popcorn to the satisfying mix of white chocolate and pretzel goodness expands the experience into a unique love triangle that enhances every single flavor involved. "

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Gourmet White Chocolate Pretzel Popcorn
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